Below are some of the best rubber bands for dreads. Rubber bands can be very useful in the startup stage of the dreading process. Depending on the method of dreading you use and if you use products such as wax. If you go with the backcombing or twist and rip method and do not use any products in the hair then I would suggest having some rubber bands on hand. I also would recommend you use rubber bands before wax  just to avoid the sticky “mess” that wax leaves behind.

 1. Amelia Beauty 500 Count Rubber Bandsrubberbands

These black colored rubber bands are very strong and durable. They are made out of similar rubber to a “regular” rubber band, not the smoother plastic-like rubber bands for hair. So these will stay in your hair better because they grip better. The downside to that however is that they are more difficult to get out of the hair. They tend to pull.

Price – $4.99 & Free Shipping




2. Gold Magic Clear Elastic Braiding Bandsrubberbandsclear

These are somewhat of the opposite of the ones above. They are clear and made out of a stretchy material that has a plastic-like texture. They are smoother and are easier to remover from the hair without gripping and pulling it. Of course the downside to these is that they can slide out of your hair easier. Personally I would choose these because they are clear to blend in better and they are less likely to pull and damage your hair upon removal.

Price – $3.75 & Free Shipping