Non-residue shampoos, aka residue-free shampoos, are extremely important in the dreading process, no matter what method of dreading you use. Regular shampoos leave residue on the surface of the hair with the purpose of keeping hair smooth and from tangling. If you are dreading you want your hair to tangle and get messy. So you can see how this is a problem. The non-residue shampoos listed below will clean your hair and leave the surface of your as is and able to dread while still providing your hair with natural oils to keep your hair healthy and strong. The liquid shampoos are listed first followed by the bar shampoos.

Liquid Shampoos

1. Knotty Boy Liquid Dreadlock Shampoo (16oz & 8oz)knottyboyshampoo

This shampoo is my favorite of the liquid kind. It lathers up really well so you can use less at a time. Its also environmentally friendly  as it is 100% biodegradable with no synthetic chemicals, foaming agents, or dyes. It keeps your hair nice and healthy with Tea Tree, Rosemary, and Peppermint essential oils. Anyone who has used shampoo with peppermint oil in it knows how amazing this is. It will leave your head smelling and feeling so fresh.

Price – $19.99 (16oz)__$13.99 (8oz) & Free Shipping





2. Dread Head HQ Dread Dreadlock Soap (16oz)dreadheadshampoo

This Dread Head HQ shampoo is made uses organic coconut based surfactants. This will clean your hair and leave nothing behind. It is also free of saponified oils and other ingredients that leave residue. It also can be considered hypo-allergenic because it leaves nothing behind to be allergic to. This shampoo is one of the most popular out there and received great customer reviews, however I do not care for it. While using it, it did help with dreading but my hair just didn’t feel all that healthy. I prefer Knotty Boy shampoo over this because of the essential oils that keep your hair and scalp healthy, while seemingly not affecting the dread process.

Price – $20.99 & Free Shippingdreadheadshampoo64

  • If you really love this shampoo then you may want to check out this massive 64oz bottle for $63.99 & Free Shipping, to save some money.


3. Dread Head HQ Organic Shampoo (8oz)dreadheadshampooorganic

With this product Dread Head HQ uses 100% natural ingredients. The eucalyptus oil in this leaves your head feeling fresh and healthy. I prefer this dread shampoo over the Dread Head HQ shampoo listed above. It seemed to moisturize my head more and kept it from itching. It did a fine job for me and I even used it in the startup stage of dreading, which is the most difficult.

Price – $17.99 & Free Shipping

  • If you are going to be using this shampoo for a whiledreadheadshampooorganic64 then you may want to consider saving some money with the 64oz bottle of this for $79.99.



4. Knatty Dread Dreadlocks Shampooknattydreadshampoo

I have personally never used this shampoo but its description looks promising and it has received excellent customer reviews. Its formula is coconut-based and contains no saponified oils. Don’t think that your dreads will smell like coconut though. They will just smell fresh.

Price – $17.50 & Free Shipping




5. Jamaican Mango and Lime Tingle Shampoo (16oz)jamaicandreadshampoo

This product combines old Jamaican recipes with a touch of studied modern-day ingredients. It massages the scalp and you can feel it doing so by the tingling sensation. This shampoo is recommended more for African-type hair but can be used by all hair types.I have never used this product so I cannot say it works for me, however I am not counting this one out.

Price – $11.18 & Free Shipping




Shampoo Bars


1. Knotty Boy Dreadlock Shampoo Bar (4.75 oz)knottyboybarshampoo

In bar form, this is my favorite non-residue shampoo. It is virtually the same as the Knotty Boy liquid dreadlock shampoo only in bar form. It is environmentally friendly with all natural 100% biodegradable ingredients and provides your hair and scalp with the essential oils Tea Tree, Rosemary, and Peppermint, along with many others. The oils keep you feeling healthy and moisturized while not interfering with the dreading process and once again, the clean feeling and smell that the peppermint oil leaves behind is amazing. I tend to switch between liquid and bar shampoos and this is one of the best bar types I have came across.

Price – $9.61 & Free Shipping


2. Knotty Boy Every Body All Purpose Shampoo Bar (4oz)



Knotty Boy tried reaching out to all people with this all-purpose bar and I think they succeeded. These chemical-free bars are great for all hair types and styles. You can get one in Sandalwood, Citrus Ginger, Patchouli Love, Spearmint Tingle, Tahitian Vanilla, and Unscented scents so there is one for everyone to like. I have used both the spearmint tingle and sandalwood with satisfaction. If your skin is easily irritated you should give the unscented kind a try. Its chemical-free and no added scent profile will be less likely to irritate. The hempseed oil’s moisturizing properties are also great and keep your scalp feeling healthy.

Price – $8.78 – $14.36 depending on scent



3. Dollylocks Tea Tree Spearmint Dreadlock Shampoo Bar (4.5oz)dollylocksshampoobar

This shampoo bar is well rounded with anibacterial and antioxidant properties. It is pH balanced with vitamins and proteins to keep your hair strong. To heal irritated skin it has organic coconut, hawaiian sea salt and African shea butter. Anyone who has used shea butter for their hair before knows how moisturizing and conditioning that can be. So I would be a little wary or this product if you have Caucasian-type hair that is more difficult to dread. African-type hair should be fine with this. This bar also comes in a rosemary peppermint scent.

Price – $14.95 + Shipping



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