Loose hair tools are great for keeping your dreads free of loose hair. They are used to pull loose hair back into the dread. The process is simple: stick the tool through the dread you want to bring the loose hair into, hook the loose hair on the end (or loop it through depending on the tool), push the latch down and pull the tool with the hair back out. Ideally you want to get all of the loose hair into the dread. So when inserting the tool into the dread, make sure to go through a large enough portion of the dread that your hair will fit in it. Ex: If you pull say 5 inches of hair straight through a half inch dread, from side to side, then you are going to have a lot extra hair hanging out the other side. So insert diagonal or longways for longer hair.

1. Dread Head HQ Loose Hair Tool (small)smallloosehairtool

This is the loose hair tool that I use. Its great quality and you should never need another (at least I haven’t). The metal is very thin so it can bend easily, but if you’re careful you will be fine. It features a small hook and latch head. This “small” version of Dread Head HQ’s loose hair tools is made more for thinner dreads. Its smaller size allows it to fit into the smaller dreads better, as you can imagine. However, my dreads vary in size from about 1/4 inch all the way up to 3/4 inch and I use this tool on the big dreads too.

Price – $17.99 & Free Shipping


2. Dread Head HQ Loose Hair Tool (large)largeloosehairtool

This loose hair tool is a bigger version of the small one above. It also features a hook and latch head. I use the small loose hair tool for even my bigger dreads (about 3/4 in) and it works. However, I do see how this bigger version could be beneficial. The hook is larger on this version and can pull more hair into the dread at once. So if the majority of your dreads are rather large this product might be the better choice for you.

Price – $17.99 & Free Shipping







3. Snagless InstaLoc Hair Toolinstaloc-loosehairtool

This tool is for interlocking dreads, which is a method of managing loose hair near the roots. There is no hook on this tool, which keeps it from snagging. It is small and flexible, making it easy to fit through the base (loose hair part) of your dreads. I personally have never used this tool but I do know people that like it.

Price – $4.99



4. Dread Head HQ Lock Peppalockpeppa

Lock Peppa is a powder that can be used to knot up the hair. It gives hair more friction allowing it to tangle easier. I use it when I am fixing my loose hair by applying some (very little) to my fingers and balling up the loose hair by rubbing in a circular motion in between my thumb and fingers. That way you just hook the ball of loose hair on the hook and pull it into the dread. I can guarantee you this will make managing loose hair a heck of a lot easier. You also only need the littlest amount on your fingers to get the hair to ball up, so it should last a long time.

Price – $15.99 & Free Shipping



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