Dreadlocks at Work, How Dreads Got Me a Job

Dreadlocks at Work, How Dreads Got Me a Job
Dreadlocks at Work, How Dreads Got Me a Job

Those with dreadlocks are often discriminated upon when it comes to finding work and even if they have already found work. There are many reasons why an employer might have a problem with your choice in hairstyle, many of which are probably not even true. But anyway I am not going to talk about the negative aspects of dreadlocks and work. I’m going to share with you a personal story of how my dreads actually helped get me a job.

It was several years ago for me when I was attending college. One of the main jobs at the campus was working for the restaurants on school property. The job was convenient and you could get free food. The downside was it didn’t pay that well, but it didn’t matter much to me. I wanted a job there. I had applied at the beginning of the semester but there were so many others applying that I never heard a thing about my application or the job.

Offered a Job

It wasn’t until probably a month later that something happened. There were many managers around campus and one of them came up and talked to me. About what? About my dreads. We got to talking about my hair and the manager was very interested in it. That very same day at the end of our conversation he asked me if I were looking for a job. Of course I said yes. So we went his office, I filled out some paper work, and the next week after the paperwork had been cleared by corporate I had a job.

You might find it surprising because this job was a food server/perparer job. With all of the sanitation requirements for food providers along with all of the beliefs in dreadlocks being filthy and dirty, you would think this kind of job would not work out. But it did. I worked there for over 2 years until I graduated.


I got along with mostly everyone and only one person had a problem with my dreads. This person was a manager. The reason was that I could not wear the little black hats that were part of the uniform. They were small and could not even come close to fitting on my head. To keep him from bothering me I would sometimes set one on my head (just sitting on the top). He didn’t like that. Eventually he gave up on me ever wearing a hat and I just wore a hair-net from then out.


So while there are a lot of people out there that will discriminate against those with dreads, there are still some that do not have a problem with your hair choice.

Wash your hair, make it look neat, don’t assume the worst, and you will be fine. There are opportunities out there. I know this job was not by any means a career, but still. My dreads actually helped me get it. I just wanted to share this story with those of you who feel that everyone puts you down for your hair choice of dreads.


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