Dreadlock combs are specially designed for backcombing hair when dreading. Their teeth are rounded metal. The friction of the metal helps the teeth grab and tease your hair, instead of just sliding right through. The teeth of these combs are also spaced according to what works best for backcombing.

 1. Dread Head HQ Dread Combdreadheadhp-comb

This is the comb I have. It works for me and many others. The teeth are spaced nicely and grab & tease your hair when backcombing. A feature that the maker brags about its that it has a ruler on the side of the handle. This adds no value to me but some people like that.

Price – $9.00 & Free Shipping




2. Knotty Boy Professional Metal Dread Combknotty-boy-comb

As you can see this comb is virtually the same. The teeth are also rounded, closely spaced, metal, and great for teasing the hair when it comes to backcombing. If I were to buy another I would probably get this one only because of its wooden handle which gives it more of a natural look.

Price – $9.50 & Free Shipping



Either of these two combs work great if you are looking to backcomb or just tease your hair. You may also be able to find pet combs, such as flea combs, that have teeth very similar in size, shape, and spacing that will work.

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