If you are like me and find that dread wax just isn’t to you liking then you should consider dread wax remover. Wax is a pain to get out and can take forever using regular hair washing methods. Dread wax remover helps get wax out of hair fast and easily, without damaging your hair. Like I have mentioned elsewhere, dread wax isn’t always bad. It depends on your hair-type. It works well for some but for others it creates a nasty sticky mess that I cannot stand. If wax just isn’t for you then I suggest a dread gel instead. It will help hold and tighten dreads in a clean and washable way.

 1. Dread Head HQ Waxx-Off dreadwaxremover

For waxes that don’t melt out, or if you just don’t want to melt the wax out, Dread Head’s Waxx-Off is a good solution. Waxx-Off dissolves the wax, allowing it all to wash right out. It has to do with the chemistry of wax and the wax remover. The wax is a non-polar solute so it needs a non-polar solvent like Waxx-Off to dissolve in. Water is polar, thats why it does a terrible job. If this product works for you as it did for me then you will be relieved to have clean hair once again.

Price – $15.00 + Shipping