I have found dreadlock gels to be some of the best dreadlock tightening products out there. They are an alternative to waxes and I would chose them any day. Gels hold dreads together tight and are very lightweight so they don’t weight your hair down. The best part is they are clean, not sticky like wax. As the gel dries it shrinks up and pull the hairs tighter together. You can use gels in all stages of the dreading process. I didn’t come across gels until my dreads were already mature and I still use them today. They give dreads some firmness and help with styling.

Here are some great dread gel products.

 1. Knotty Boy Tightening Gel (4oz)knottyboygel

This is the first gel I ever used. It works good with tightening and is healthy from its 100% natural ingredients including aloe vera gel, citrus oils, different vitamins, hemp seed oil, and more. It also has a nice lime aroma. This gel does a fairly decent job of holding hair in place and calming frizz.

Price – $11.99 & Free Shipping




2. Jamaican Mango & Lime Locking Gel (6oz)jamaicangel

I would recommend this gel over that above. I think it shrinks up better, locking dreads tighter. The gel shrinking ingredient in this product is propylene glycol. It has a unique ability to absorb a great amount of water. So you apply this gel, the water dries, and as its drying its shrinking pulling your dreads tighter. This product is marketed more towards those with African type hair but I am Caucasian and it works for me.

Price – $8.45 & Free Shipping




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