If you are asking “how to remove dreads?” the answer is simple. You can cut them off, or preferably remove dreadlocks without cutting hair. So how do you do this? The best way is to get a very strong conditioner, let it soak into the dreads, and start picking and combing out your knots starting from the ends. A strong conditioner is a must. If you don’t use one you might as well just cut off all your hair because its going to be breaking non-stop anyhow. Of course it matters how mature your dreads are too. New dreads aren’t going to be as tightly knotted and are easier to remove. It is not an easy procedure to remove dreads even with strong conditioner, but it is easier.

Below I have provided dread removal products and also a couple of  “rat tail” combs. You might find a single pick, such as that on the end of the comb, more useful for removing your dreads than teeth on a comb. Rat tail combs are common and can be bought at many stores just to let you know.

 1. Knotty Boy Every Body Ultimate Detangler (16oz)knottyboydetangler

As always Knotty Boy provides this product with a 100% Vegan and Biodegradable ingredient list. It contains a long list of oils, vitamins and proteins which include aloe leaf juice, Behentrimonium Methosulfate & Cetyl alcohol & Butylene Clycol, castor seed oil, apricot kernel oil, hemp seed oil, hydrolyzed corn protein & hydrolyzed wheat proteinamp;& hyrdrolyzed soy protein, glycerin, hydrolyzed oats, panthenol (Vitamin B5), tocopherols (Vitamin E), rosemary extract, cucumber extract, lime oil, and papaya fruit extract. As you can see the formula is very focused on keeping your hair strong to avoid breakage. I know this product works and works very well so I recommend it.

Price – $18.16 & Free Shipping




2. Dread Head HQ Dread Zasta Dreadlock Removal Systemdreadheadhqdreadremover

Dread Zasta is a strong conditioner with vitamins to keep your hair healthy. Its ingredients include  water, cetyl alcohol, pyridinium chloride, DL pantheons, vitamins A&E, and Germaine II. It does not have all of the hair strengthening proteins as the “Ultimate Detangler” above has. Looking at the ingredient list alone I would recommend the “Ultimate Detangler” listed above over this. This product also does not have as good customer reviews as above. However, I have not tried this for myself so I am only assuming it is not as good.

Price – $21.99 & Free Shipping






3. Knotty Boy Dreadlock Removal Kit knottyboydreadlockremoval

This kit includes a dreadlock removal shampoo along with a damage control conditioner. The shampoo is designed to thoroughly clean the hair, removing any buildup that is holding the dreads together more tightly. One of its many ingredients, citrus sinensis (orange) peel oil, has the natural ability to dissolve different kinds of buildup. The conditioner as you can guess has the job of conditioning hair so that it is soft and slippery, making it easier to untangle. It contains a variety of oils such as apricot kernel oil, glycerin, hemp seed oil, and jojoba seed oil, along with other ingredients to get the job done.

Price – $22.56 & Free Shipping


4. Diane 11.5″ Large Rat Tail Combrattailcomb

This come has a good design for using with dread removal. It has wide spaced teeth that are stronger than fine little teeth. It also has a pick on the end that is very useful if you cannot get tangles out with the comb’s teeth.

Price – 1 comb = $6.06 and 2-pack = $7.08 & Free Shipping


5. HAIRART ITECH Heat Resistant Carbon Metal Rat Tail Teasing Combrattailcomb2

This comb also should do the trick. It has a metal pick in case you think a plastic one might break. It’s teeth also have a teasing design which allow it to penetrate the hair more than a fine tooth rat tail comb.

Price – $12.35 & Free Shipping