To accelerate dreadlocks’ dreading process you can use accelerators/tightening sprays. With these products you simply spray them on your hair and leave them in. The main ingredient in such sprays is sea salt. Why? Because salt drys the hair and gives it more friction and ability to dread. Salt can be damaging to hair from the dryness so in order to combat the damage these sprays are also formulated with other ingredients to keep the hair strong and healthy. I went through a couple bottles of dreadlock accelerator during the startup stage of dreads and I can say that it helped. Now that my dreads are past the initial stage and are tight I find no need for it.

There are not many sprays like this on the market but both of the two below are quality.

 1. Dread Head HQ Locking Acceleratordreadheadhqaccelerator

This is the only accelerating spray I have ever used. It gives your hair increased friction with sea salt and keeps it healthy with yucca schidigera. Yucca schidigera has been used for centuries by Native Americans for hair health and growth. I would definitely recommend this product especially to those in the startup dread stage.

Price – $15.99 & Free Shipping







2. Dollylocks Coconut Lime Dreadlock Tightening Spray (8oz)dollylockstightener

This spray is is more focused on keeping the hair strong and healthy while at the same time drying and creating more friction with sea salt. Its ingredient list features many ingredients including coconut water, aloe vera juice, Hawaiian sea salt, tapioca, avocado oil, oat protein, jojoba oil, along with other oils and plant extracts. This is without a doubt more focused on the health of the hair than the previous locking accelerator. However, with all these added oils your hair is going to be more moisturized which means less friction. I have never tried this product so I cannot say for sure but by judging the ingredient profile I would guess that it doesn’t get your dreads to dread as fast as the previous.But it is healthier, so…

This product is also available in Nag ChampaVanilla Bean, and Fresh Scent.

Price – $16.95 + Shipping

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