So you’re asking yourself, can I get dreadlocks? That is a good question that I hear quite a bit. Let me just say this. I have never met someone that couldn’t get dreadlocks. Now I am not including people that have tried one method and gave up after it not working. If I would have given up after the first method I tried (backcombing) I would have never had dreads. But I tried new things and found what works best for me, which happens to be backcombing/crochet combo method.

What Type of Hair do You Have?

As I said before  I have never seen someone who couldn’t dread their hair, regardless of hair type. However, hair type is important and should be considered. I personally have fine/blonde hair and have found out it dreads better than I would have ever expected.

If you have straight (Caucasian type) hair like me you are probably going to want to give your dreads a startup boost. For example you may want to kick start the process with a method such as backcombing, twist and ripping, or crocheting.  Using methods like these will also allow you to create dreads where you want and in the right size. After this the dreads are in place; now you just have to maintain them and let them mature.

Or you can always try out the free-form or natural method. This way you let the dreads do their own thing. They form where they want and in whatever size they want. If you read my story you will learn that I used this method for over a year and saw great progress. I have also seen this method work for many others with fine/Caucasian type hair, even though you may assume it wouldn’t work. This method does work best for tightly curled/African type hair.

So What Should I Do?

Anyone with any hair type can try any method. There is no discrimination here.

I would however suggest a kickstarter method for fine/Caucasian type hair. When I went with free-form for over a year, I saw a ton of maturing and progress, however my hair never fully dreaded. What I mean by this is that the hair did not dread close to the scalp or at the tip of the dread. With an active dreading method you can fix this, as I did, and get your hair to be entirely dreaded.

If you have tight curls/ African type hair you are good to go with whatever. Your hair naturally tangles up into dreads much easier. You can use the free-form method and get quite fully dreaded locks.


So don’t give up. If you are trying and its not working then try something new. Try a different method, or shampoo, or just anything. Like I said I have never seen anyone who couldn’t dread. You can dread white people hair, black people hair, any people hair. Although it is much more difficult for some people, its not impossible.

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