I have used a lot of products over the last couple years and have learned what works best for me. I have also seen products work well for others although they did not work for me. With this knowledge of what works for others as well as me I can help you choose the best products to help you get those healthy, mature dreads that you have been waiting for or to help you maintain your already healthy, mature dreads.

First on the list is tools used to create and maintain dreads, followed by products that make hair dread more easily.

Dreadlock Tools


Listed are tools to help you kickstart the dreading process and maintain already dreaded hair. Find the best dreadlock combs, crochet hooks, rubber bands and more.

Dreadlock Combsdreadlock-combs

Click For combs specially designed for the backcombing method of making dreadlocks or for normal combs that I have found work sufficiently. A key quality of these combs is the round metal teeth that are closely spaced.





Loose Hair Toolsdreadlock-loosehairtools

I have provided here some of the best loose hair tools I and others have found. Loose hair tools used to pull loose hair back into the dreadlock. Some are similar to crochet hooks with the addition of a latch. Others look like a needle with a large opening on the tail. Either kind is able to pull loose hair into the dread. I have found this tool very useful for keeping ALL my hair dreaded.


Crochet Hookscrochet-hooks

Crochet hooks work and have worked great for me. Here there are crochet hooks specifically made for dreading or that I have found work well. They are great both in starting dreads and in maintaining them. They can be used to keep dreads nice and tight and they also give your dreads a major head start in the maturing process if used as a startup tool.




Rubber Bandsrubber-bands

Click here for rubber bands that work great for dreads. Rubber bands are necessary to keep dreads from falling apart in the beginning, depending on what method of dreading you use. As they mature you will not need them. I personally found no need for them once I figured out what I call the best dreading method.



Dreadlock Shampoos, Waxes, Gels etc.


Listed here products that will keep your dreads nice and able to keep dreading and products that increase your dreading chances.

Non-Residue Shampoosdreadlockshampoos

Included here are non-residue shampoos. Using a non-residue shampoo is very important. Normal shampoos leave residue on the surface of the hair, in order to keep hair from tangling (=dreading eventually). So with a non-residue shampoo your hairs surface is completely clean and has more friction, allowing hair to tangle and dread.



Dread Lock Accelerators/Tightening Spraysdreadlockaccelerators

Here you will find spray on solutions that are formulated to accelerate the dreading process. They consist of sea salt as the main ingredient, which dryes hair and gives it more friction to dread. Why not just buy sea salt? Salt can be damaging to hair and these mixes include other ingredients that strengthen hair and keep it healthy.




Dread Waxesdread-waxes

By clicking here you will find waxes specifically made for the dreading process. Dread waxes are used mainly in the startup process but can also be used to keep hair together in the dread. I personally do not care for waxes (used them in beginning) but I know that some people use them religiously and it works well for them so I am including them here.



Dread Tightening/Locking Gelslockinggels

If you do not like waxes then check out these dread gels. Dread gels can be used as an alternative to waxes. I prefer to use them. They keep hair together in the dread, as waxes do, but they are not all sticky and nasty. They also wash out easily.




Dread Moisturizers/Conditioners 

Click here for dread moisturizers. Moisturizers help smooth out and moisturize dry frizzy dreads (and the scalp). They should be used after your dreads are matured. Why? Because moisturizing the hair makes it smoother with less friction. This makes it less likely to tangle up and dread and can even untangle and un-dread the hair. If your dreads are matured this should not be a problem. Just don’t overuse it.



Dread Wax Rdreadwaxremoveremover

If you regret your choice of waxing your dreads click here for wax remover. Waxes can be a pain and difficult to get out. Wax removers easily remove the wax and do not harm the hair or scalp. Many people, such as myself, have used wax followed by a wax remover. So why use wax in the first place? Well I did because I knew it worked for some people and the only way to find out if it would work for me was to try it.



Dread Removal Productsdreadremovers

This category includes products used to de-tangle and remove dreads so that you don’t have to cut off all your precious hair. Maybe you do not want dreads anymore or you just want to start over, its your choice. You could also use to undo congo-ed and unmanageable dreads in order to split them up into smaller dreads. These products are a good idea to keep your hair as undamaged and healthy as possible with the removal process.


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